Dr.Hou Health Supplements-Active herbal colon cleanser A (V2) capsules

Item Description

The Active herbal colon cleanser A (version 2 ) is popular with colon hydrotherapists, contains 10 active herbal ingredients including rhubarb powder, barberry powder, burdock root powder, cayenne powder, ginger root powder, rhubarb root extract, fennel seed powder, aloe vera extract, clove bud powder and dandelion root extract.

These natural ingredients benefit to soften the stool, stimulate the liver and improve peristalsis, which in turn produces bowel movements and expels layers of old encrusted mucus and faecal matter that may have accumulated over time. They gently stimulate and tone the bowel wall, supporting a move towards unassisted bowel movements.


constipation / irregularity
lazy / slow bowel
clearing bowel ‘pockets’
as part of an internal cleansing programme
as a very effective stool softener
prior, following or between colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

Item Other Details
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