Dr.Hou Health Supplements-High-Fibre Nutritional Formula

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A comprehensive blend of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres for a healthy and regular digestive system and colon

High-Fibre Nutritional Formula is a high-fibre nutritional formula in capsules, derived from natural foods including psyllium husks and seeds, ground flaxseed, prune juice, fig fruit and other high-fibre foods and herbs.

A unique and healthy combination of both insoluble and soluble fibres, essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system, bowel regularity and digestive transit. The combination of insoluble and soluble fibre is more than just roughage. These fibres provide cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, lignin and gums. There is a well established link between constipation and a low dietary fibre diet.

These natural foods are beneficial for healthy digestive function and bowel regularity and soluble fibre has been shown to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels when taken as part of a low-fat diet. Also containing a rich source of other nutrients including omega 3 oils, omega 6 essential fatty acids, calcium, potassium, vegetable-based protein and complex carbohydrates.


A high-fibre natural food combination formula
Derived from a unique combination of psyllium husks and seeds, flaxseed, prune juice, fig fruit and other high-fibre foods
Supporting a healthy digestive function and bowel regularity
A combination of soluble and insoluble fibres
More than just roughage!
A great source of beneficial omega oils
Beneficial for: healthy digestive system, bowel regularity or digestive transit, increasing the weight, bulk and softness of stoolconstipation, healthy cholesterol levels, increasing nutrient levels, slowing the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, binding with toxins in the gut, decreasing inflammation, healthy weight loss.

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