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Item Description

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100 vege capsules:

A powerful, yet gentle non-habit forming and oxygen enhanced colon cleanser, which oxygenates the bowel and supports efficient colon function.

It contains magnesium peroxide, along with the prebiotic FOS, apple cider vinegar (a natural digestive) and other ingredients designed to support the oxygenating actions of the magnesium peroxide.

This herb-free bowel cleanser and energiser is also a suitable solution for clients who are either sensitive to herbal colon cleansers or have stopped responding to them.

While some colon cleansers simply push matter out through a clogged colon, Oxy-Klenz oxygenates, softens, dislodges and removes old and impacted faecal matter.

Beneficial for:

colon cleansing
stool softening
constipation relief
colonic and arterial plaque softening and removal
people with sensitivities to certain herbs
oxygenating the colon and eliminating harmful toxins
proliferation of beneficial bowel bacteria.

Softened or loose stools may initially result from taking Oxy-Klenz, due to the cleansing action. This will usually only last for a few days as dislodged colonic plaque is eliminated. If loose bowels develop and persist, reduce dosage temporarily or include psyllium dietary fibre in the diet (e.g. our CONSTIfree or Dietary Fibre Complex supplements) an hour after taking it, as this can help to reduce the symptom. Alternatively, take with food to minimise the healing crisis.

Symptoms such as abdominal bloating or cramps are usually the result of insufficient water intake. Other signs of low water intake are headaches and acne, as the result of toxin re-absorption. Do not use if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting occurs.

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**Customers from outside the UK, please check postage at http://www.royalmail.com/**
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