Once I interviewed a young person opting for the sports marketing job. The guy had plenty of enthusiasm but was thinking that he lacks experience. After the discussion it was apparent that he had some experience in his trade. He told us about some stories which were actually his duties on the job. His stories would make his resume come back to live. I encourage him to try to recall the details he had in the past so that we could polish and brush them up to make it more appealing for his potential employer to get him hired.

At the another occasion, I was attending the meeting of some powerful but out of the work people at a meeting of an executive networking organization. These executives meet weekly to share the resources. The meeting started with the same, typical approach, ‘ My name is XY and I was the V.P of this and that organization…….I’m looking for an opportunity……”. Soon after wards, they were out of words for anything creditable.

The speaker got up and asked to the group if anyone had any professional stories to share, three people stood one by one and told us about their stories at work or to rather say their achievements. Those people were soon distinct from the rest. Upon leaving that place, I had the memories of only them.

The Success is powerful.

Always find stories that are inspirational and effective in producing the results in your work environment. Avoid unrelated stuff or the one which are not value added. For example one executive told about how did he motivated people at his work place to get ready for the new task of getting engaged into the volunteer training program. Every body could have escaped that opportunity but when it was told to them, how beneficial was it to get into the program in the long run, almost all of them agree.

The following guidelines will help to understand to how to perform that art properly:

Keep your stories to the point: Lengthy stories not only make their listener bore but they also tend to loose their effect. The point is lost when things are explained in a length. Always use key words or key sentences and try to not elaborate further.

The Include essential elements: Every story has a background, reason for its evolution, a situation and then a sound resolution. So express them.

The Use vivid clues: Be descriptive, mention names of the days like ‘was it Tuesday or may be Saturday’ any other of such related clues should do the job.

The Practice makes man perfect: That’s true!! Try to say things without repeating and you will be amazed to see that how many of the points have you missed? You need to learn to how to form situations which are connected to your situations, learn as to how to describe things which are surrounding your events, this will elaborate more your point.

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